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A Healthier Ice Cream with Superior Taste, Texture, and Package Designs.

The Ask.

ReThink received feedback from investors and consultants that the existing product packaging design was too busy and should be simplified. At the same time, the founder reformulated the product to appeal to a more targeted audience.

The Answer.

Rather than a general “health and wellness” demographic, the new formula was positioned to appeal explicitly to those with two specific health needs: diabetes and dairy intolerance. Aid&Abet conducted workshops with the founder and compiled existing survey data to help ReThink better prioritize their marketing message for these groups. Then we proposed two new design directions that better expressed the product’s value proposition while communicating it’s superior taste and texture when compared to other healthy ice cream brands.

The Goods.

Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Package Design

ReThink Ice Cream Rebrand Logo Refresh Before and After

In initial conversations, it became clear that the existing logo design had little equity and was difficult to read. Customers, partners, and the media often spelled the brand name incorrectly or failed to capitalize the second half of the letters. Aid&Abet proposed a fluid new script-based logo design that removed the confusing colon and variable capitalization.

Initial packaging design concepts for ReThink Ice Cream, a healthy ice cream company
Packaging design for ReThink Ice Cream, a healthy ice cream company

Rethinking the package

Based on customer feedback, Aid&Abet prioritized the low sugar, A2/A2 dairy, and no sugar alcohol messages throughout the package design. We also enlarged the busy ingredient pattern to simplify the overall design aesthetic. Additionally, we included a flood of color and bold flavor name and opted to move the flavor description from the front panel to further modernize the design. Finally, we suggested a well-styled product photograph to communicate the taste and quality of the product.

Packaging design for ReThink Ice Cream, a healthy ice cream companyRebrand typography and illustration design for ReThink Ice Cream, a healthy ice cream company

The Result.

Re:THINK Ice Cream has unveiled its newest packaging design and reformulation of its collagen-infused lactose-free A2/A2 Dairy ice cream. Redesigned with flavor patterns that show the all-natural ingredients in their natural state, plus newly added flavor descriptions, the ice cream is made with lactose-free A2/A2 Dairy.”
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