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BrightFarms NutriGreens

A Super Brand for a Superfood.

The Ask.

BrightFarms’ super-antioxidant lettuce offers a new way to enhance immunity through everyday eating. Aid&Abet was tasked with naming this new brand and developing graphics to promote its benefits in-store and on social media.

The Answer.

Guided by customer research, Aid&Abet helped the BrightFarms team determine a final name, messaging, and launch graphics for this new brand of lettuce.

The Goods.

  • Brand Research
  • Product Naming
  • Print & Package Design
Food Photography for BrightFarms Naming and Design

Cultivating a New Brand Name

To narrow the field of possibilities, we began by selecting the types of names that felt right for a BrightFarms sub-brand. From there, we identified key attributes of a successful brand name and developed an actionable set of criteria for judging our ideas and iterations.

BrightFarms Organic Farm NutriGreens Types of Brand Names
BrightFarms Organic Farm NutriGreens Brand Name Concepts

Lettuce Brand Launch

In developing the new NutriGreens name, we aimed to capture the positivity and joy of the BrightFarms brand while communicating the exciting health benefits of this innovative antioxidant-rich lettuce. Direct feedback from consumers shaped the final contenders and helped our team make the final name selection. From there, we developed beautifully bold posters, shelf danglers, social graphics, and more to support a successful NutriGreens product launch.

BrightFarms Organic Farm NutriGreens Brand Naming on Package DesignBrightFarms Organic Farm NutriGreens Poster DesignBrightFarms Organic Farm Retail Display DesignBrightFarms Organic Farm Social Media Banner Ad Design
BrightFarms Organic Farm Social Media Banner Ad Design

The Result.

Our continued work with BrightFarms has been as energizing as the new NutriGreens brand. We’re thrilled to share these healthy greens with the world.”
Ken Beasley
Director of Client Strategy at Aid&Abet
BrightFarms Organic Farm Social Media Banner Ad Design on Mobile Phones
BrightFarms Lettuce Food Photography for Website Hero Banner Design

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