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Mai Sushi.

Premium Sushi for All.

The Ask.

Mai Sushi needed a branding agency who is well versed in the food and beverage industry and in it for the long haul. The initial ask included packaging design, web design, and brand strategy: the key marketing assets Mai needed to get their business on a roll.

The Answer.

Mai’s mission is to make this beautiful, delicious sushi accessible to hungry consumers everywhere. After implementing a variety of brand design work from our team, they’re closer than ever to realizing that goal.

The Goods.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Print Design
  • Package Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Illustration
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
Mai Sushi Custom Illustrations

Make friends with a sushi brand

Shaping the personality of Mai’s brand identity wasn’t about art for art’s sake or to flex a creative muscle. It was a strategic step toward achieving their business goal of developing a premium line of fresh sushi that feels approachable to all. Like a good friend, an effective brand invites you in the door.

Mai Sushi Packaging Design PhotographyMai Sushi In-Store Custom Illustrated Retail Signage
Mai Sushi In-Store Custom Illustrated Retail Displays

The Result.

We were so fortunate to work with a bold client like Mai that brought us a truly creative challenge while trusting our instincts to deliver. Plus, we‘re sushi freaks! ”
Brianna Nieman
Mai Sushi Responsive Website Design on Mobile Devices