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Mr. Batter’s.

Bringing the Fun Back to Breakfast

The Ask.

With a delicious new product to introduce in the breakfast food industry, Mr. Batter’s sought to stand out in this competitive space with a new brand strategy, logo design, and package design.


The Answer.

We started with a competitive analysis to identify the best positioning for Mr Batter’s new line of tasty, microwave-ready-to-bake muffins. After collaborating with their team on a bold new direction for the brand, we designed a complete new visual identity—including package design—to bring this exciting new breakfast food to store shelves and home pantries everywhere.

The Goods.

Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Package Design

Humanizing the Mr. Batter’s Brand

Telling a story was essential to the Mr. Batter’s brand. Rather than relying heavily on fonts, the logo needed to employ a character that could stand alone as recognizable for the brand even without accompanying text. After conducting a competitive brand analysis, we saw an opportunity: inject some fun! So, we explored three brand concepts that feel clean and modern but also introduce playful and recognizable characters who would help tell the world the story of Mr. Batter’s brand.

Brand strategy concepts for Mr. Batter's, a breakfast food company
Logo design for Mr. Batter's, a breakfast food company

A Gourmet Innovator

The final logo represents Mr. Batter’s as a modern baker with a playful twist. Instead of depicting a specific person, the logo symbol is illustrated with abstract features, a classic baker’s hat, and a joyful disposition. The upward baseline shift of the characters resembles the natural rise of the muffin product when prepared.

Packaging From Scratch

To communicate Mr. Batter’s USP, we prioritized the nutritional call-outs and “nothing to add” messaging throughout the package design. Additionally, we suggested a well-styled product photograph with isolated flavors to communicate the taste of the product. Finally, we included a bold flavor name and a swirl of bright and neutral colors with fun illustrations to complement the playful branding and natural ingredients.

Packaging design for Mr. Batter's, a breakfast food company
Packaging design for Mr. Batter's, a breakfast food company

The Result.

We're so proud of how our team went the extra mile to bring this new DTC brand to life!”
Sabrina Pfautz
Creative Director
BrightFarms Lettuce Food Photography for Website Hero Banner Design

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