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Middle 8 Brewing Company.

Rhythm & Brews

The Ask.

Our client entrusted Aid&Abet to launch this new beverage brand inspired by twin passions of craft brewing and music. The result? A new brand, a new web design, and an amazing craft beer to satiate thirsty beer drinkers.

The Answer.

A new brand identity and packaging to satisfy beer and music heads alike. We let a craft brewer’s story and rock and roll background play a prominent role in the brand strategy, informing the name, the label design, and the overall brand essence. Bottoms up!

The Goods.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Naming & Tagline
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Website Development
  • Packaging & Label Design
Middle 8 Branded Beer Bottle Cap Packaging Design

Naming a brand is like writing a song.

We held digital strategy workshops, read up on the brewer’s history, and listened to sweet, sweet music to inspire us. The final name, Middle 8, refers to the musical 8-bar break that occurs in the middle of most popular song styles. It can be unexpected and refreshing at the same time – all while keeping that sweet groove thumping.

Middle 8 Beverage Logo Design

The music of harmonious package design.

To reflect the detail and passion behind each brew, we hand-lettered the label design. While the color palette and general layout remain consistent, each beer has its own symbolic instrument and custom iconography to represent its unique flavor profile.

Middle 8 Hazy Daze Beer Bottle Label DesignMiddle 8 Rough Night Beer Bottle Label DesignMiddle 8 Mash Up Beer Bottle Label Design
Middle 8 Mash Up Beer Bottle Label and Packaging Design Middle 8 Custom Illustrated Typography on Branded T-Shirt Design

The Result.

This was a dream job for our graphic designers. We loved utilizing all of our skills to craft this fun new brand. Cheers!”
Sabrina Pfautz
Middle 8 Beverage Web Design on Mobile Devices
Mend Seltzer Strong Voice Fresh Peppermint Packaging Design

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