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Mend Seltzer.

A Bubbly New Seltzer Brand.

The Ask.

No one loves healthy seltzer drinks as much as we do. So, we asked ourselves, “What if we took this love one step further? What if we made it real?” The next step was to imagine a brand design that stood out amongst other seltzers in a competitive market, and clearly expressed its numerous healthy, biological benefits in a way that felt as fun and exciting.

The Answer.

Mend Seltzer was born. Our experiments yielded herbal-infused seltzer flavors not normally found in the food and beverage market that treat common ailments like headaches and stress, as well as promote the general health of our bodies. Getting up close and personal with our gut chemistry has never been so criminally cool.

The Goods.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Packaging & Label Design
  • Custom Illustration
Mend Seltzer Logo Design

What’s in a name?

This exciting new brand needed a unique name to capture and communicate an authentic brand promise. The new name needed to communicate healing properties and a bold sense of energy and playfulness. While names like ‘AID,’ ‘Elixir,’ and ‘Releaf’ were tossed around, ‘Mend’ made it to the top. Its lighthearted feel and apothecarial connotations made for a convincing and memorable name.

Mend Seltzer Retail Display Advertising In Food & Beverage Magazine

A beautifully delicious brand identity design.

We created a logo design that not only captured the essence of the brand as a whole, but also could be adapted across print, packaging design, web design, and other digital marketing tactics.

Mend Seltzer Happy Belly Honey Ginger Packaging and Label DesignMend Seltzer Strong Voice Fresh Peppermint Packaging and Label DesignMend Seltzer Clear Mind Soothing Lavender Packaging and Label Design
Mend Seltzer Strong Voice Fresh Peppermint Beverage Packaging Design

Pop some bubbly.

Not only were we able to craft a quirky beverage brand that embodied our own health values, but we also crafted bold packaging and a beautiful label design. Both playful and distinct, Mend is sure to stand out on the shelf.”
Kimber Dulin
Senior Project Manager
Mend Seltzer Beverage Website Design on Mobile Devices
Wok Street Noodle Bowl Food Photography

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